Another Update Released – Version

Hello Writers,

The latest version of the app has been released and should be showing up in your Windows Store notifications shortly. I appreciate your patience as we work through the issues caused by the last update.

This update addresses the issue some of you had with running the backup feature and issues with settings. Please install the update and let me know how it goes. I can’t/won’t move on to the next phase of updates (user interface and design enhancements) until I’m sure the major bugs have been fixed.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and any delays in your writings this may have caused.


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6 comments on “Another Update Released – Version
  1. Aragorn says:

    The following bugs have been investigated on my end:
    • RESOLVED: The backgrounds don’t load at all in any version of the editor (snapped small, snapped large, normal).
    • RESOLVED: The backup feature does not work, but merely presents an error, as you’ve noted above, when the attempt to backup a project is made. NOTE: I’ve tested the restore feature, too, which also appears to be functioning correctly.
    • RESOLVED: The “Adjust Screen Settings” pane is completely broken. Clicking it just closes the settings pane.
    • UNRESOLVED: There is still a typo in the Share feature–the missing “i” persists.
    • UNRESOLVED: Special characters (in my case, male and female gender signs) fail to export properly for PDFs.
    • RESOLVED: Sometimes the “Writing Type” app name within the app doesn’t resize properly after being snapped. NOTE: I’ve attempted to cause the bug to resurface, but have not yet been able, I’m calling this one resolved unless I see the issue manifest itself again.
    • NEW: The “Mid Screen Focus” setting in screen settings does not appear to function correctly. When checked, the text box cuts itself in half so that the top of the text box still functions, but the bottom merely remains white and unusable. (See this screenshot:
    • NEW: The “Mid Screen Focus” setting does not remain checked when checked if the screen settings pane is allowed to go away. When disabling “Mid Screen Focus”, the option must be checked and then unchecked again for the setting to be disabled.
    • NEW: Pasted text sometimes makes the “Mid Screen Focus” fail to apply at all unless the user first returns to the project home, another page in the project, or adjusts the text screen size in the “Adjust Screen Settings” pane.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Glad I can be of some help to you all. =-D

    – Aragorn

  2. Aragorn says:

    To clarify the issues with PDF export, I’ve got some side-by-side screenshot comparison for you:

    Also, there appears to be another issue with PDF export I hadn’t noticed before:

  3. Patrick says:

    Given the mess that is Word for people like me using a Surface RT, this could well become my default writing app. I’ve played with it for maybe half an hour and already like it.

    A few suggestions:

    * The ability to set default font, font size and screen width at the app rather than project level would be nice.

    * Background screen colour is a nice option but also something that could also be used as a tool: different colours meaning a particular section is at a particular stage of development (from note or rough draft through to complete). With this in mind, it’d be nice if the colour selected could show on the project overview page – ie, background colour in the opened page/file is also the background colour in the tile.

    * That “handwriting” font on the tiles… it’s horrible. Can we change it?

    * Some basic formatting would be nice – bold, italic, ability to tab across screen if writing screenplays.

    * For this money we can’t expect Scrivener, or even Pages, but I can’t seem to manage to select, copy or drag text using a touch screen… that might just be me, but I only get the paste option. Despite never having been able to copy in the first place.

    * A Save button? (I’m paranoid).

    * Word doesn’t show up as one of the apps into which files can be shared. Is this because Word is on the desktop? (Way to go, Microsoft).

    Anyway, even as a basic note taking / idea bashing out app I like it enough to buy it.

  4. Will Brown says:

    Thanks for the continued feedback! I’ll make sure that the issues are addressed in future updates.

    Hello Patrick,
    Thanks for trying out the app! I really hope you find it useful for your needs.

    I’ll consider all suggestions users submit for the app. That being said, they may not all get implemented, but I do consider each and every one. Thanks!


  5. Michael says:

    I think this has the potential to become a powerful tool. I like the simplicity of this app and the ease of use without getting bogged down with commands, buttons and features that I would never likely use. One item I would like to mention for other users that may not be aware:

    CTRL+TAB or CTRL+i creates an indent
    CTRL+r right margin alignment
    CTRL+l left margin alignment

    I look forward to future releases with enhancements and fixes.


  6. Will Brown says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Michael.
    I wasn’t even aware of those options! They must be a default of all Windows 8 app text fields.

    Thanks, again!

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