Issues with latest update

A few of you have reported issues with the latest update. The largest one being an error you receive when you attempt to backup your project:

“Something went wrong with your backup,try again.”

Yeah…that’s not good.

I’ve sent this out to the developer for a fix ASAP. I too received the error and could only resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. That is not a good option for anybody. Especially since there isn’t any other way to back up your data.


Thank you for your patience. I’ll get a new update up ASAP.

Please reply below if you are experiencing this or any other issue with this release. A couple others have been reported in the “Feedback” fly-out module.


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4 comments on “Issues with latest update
  1. Aragorn says:

    First off, I want to thank you and your team for addressing the fact that there are a few pretty major bugs/issues with this latest update so quickly.

    Since you asked, I’ll compile a list of the bugs I’ve run into so far since updating:

    (New or persisting bugs)
    • The backgrounds don’t load at all in any version of the editor (snapped small, snapped large, normal).
    • The backup feature does not work, but merely presents an error, as you’ve noted above, when the attempt to backup a project is made.
    • The “Adjust Screen Settings” pane is completely broken. Clicking it just closes the settings pane.
    • There is still a typo in the Share feature–the missing “i” persists.
    • Special characters (in my case, male and female gender signs) fail to export properly for PDFs.
    • Sometimes the “Writing Type” app name within the app doesn’t resize properly after being snapped.

    (Other Bugs–reported and acknowledged)
    • Semantic zoom does not work properly when groups have large titles.
    • Large group titles push groups further and further away from one another.

  2. Will Brown says:

    Sorry, I meant to reply sooner.
    Thank you for the detailed feedback (once again). I really appreciate it.

    The developers are working to address the backup issue. It appears to only affect users who already had the app installed. New users, or users who uninstall then reinstall, can backup without issue. I’m hoping that an update will resolve that for you and anyone else with the problem.

    Most of the other issues you listed will be addressed in a user interface/experience update that will be done as soon as this major bug is fixed. We’re completely revamping the look of the application while maintaining the functionality.

    I’ll create a separate post on that, but the overhaul should address everything you’ve cited. The only exception will be the PDF special characters which will require further research.

    Thanks again.

  3. Aragorn says:

    Thanks for the update–I figure since I have started to rely on the app–and am really interested in seeing it both succeed and improve over time, I might as well give all the feedback I can. Nothing can get done when nothing is said. That said, I’m anxiously awaiting the fix for this latest update because, as it is now, I actually can’t use the app. The white background behind the text for the editor doesn’t show-up at all, making it next to impossible to see any of the text in the document.

    I’m curious to see what new features you will work in with the user interface and experience changes and really look forward to that post.

    As I love to dream-up new features for apps I love, I, of course, just /have/ to share them. I know I’ve suggested a few of these ideas before, but I did mock-ups to hopefully explain myself a bit better.

    This first mock-up image shows the editor with the most basic–but crucial–formatting features. I know the goal behind Writing Type is that it is supposed to be a minimalistic writing app, but I really need at least my bold and italics–and strikethrough would certainly come handy during editing.

    My thoughts are that not everyone would want to see this formatting bar–and so it would be completely hideable in the Screen Settings pane of the settings charm. Even those that hide it would still be able to access these formatting features by the common keyboard shortcuts on a laptop/desktop set-up (CTRL+B for bold, CTRL+I for Italics, etc.) The bolding and alignment would also make subsections a little easier to set-up.

    Other things I thought could be useful that I included in this mock-up were a link button (one that would, for example, send you to the source for information you had acquired for a project by opening-up your browser for you OR link you to another file in the project), and a notes feature. I like the idea of the notes feature because it could be useful, but the notes feature is probably the most problematic. It would be handy, but I don’t really even know where to begin on how to implement something along those lines. Basic formatting could be achieved by storing text in projects as HTML documents–thought I’m not sure just how desirable that is.

    In this mock-up I show-off what would be quite a handy tool–especially for larger projects. I know many writers like to have references from which to write–I myself like to “cast” my characters when I write them. It would be handy if it were possible to include a means of including an image with a project alongside a very basic image viewer. I through in a mock-up for an audio inclusion, too, ’cause I know that could be important to some people.

    I’ve been keeping in mind the feedback from user reviews (as I’m sure you have) and have been brainstorming features that could potentially satiate the less satisfied reviewers. On reviewer claimed that, in terms of functionality, the app was “hardly better than Notepad”–and while I don’t agree with him, I suspect he is drawing that conclusion from the lack of basic formatting features listed above.

    You guys are already working on SkyDrive sync-which will please one of the reviewers as well as me. Another nice feature would be the ability to print–thought I’m not really sure how that would work based on how the project and section files get organised.

    Thanks again for your awesome work on Writing Type. You guys are the best, most honest and open Windows 8/RT developers I’ve come to know.


  4. Will Brown says:

    You continue to amaze me with your contributions! Thank you for your input.

    Those mockups look good, I’ll keep that in mind and point them out to the designer as we work through the upcoming changes. We just need to make sure we get the bugs worked out.

    Thanks for your continued confidence as we strive to make the app better for writers with each new release.


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