Major Bug Found – Will Be Fixed Soon

Several of you have reported that the app closed immediately after you attempt to open it; however, it seems to work fine for others.

After a few weeks a troubleshooting, it looks like we were able to isolate the issue to a configuration mistake on the x86 version of the app. So, you did not have this problem if you installed the app on an ARM (Surface or other tablet) or a 64bit computer.

I have both a Surface running Windows RT and a 64bit laptop running the full version of Windows 8, so I could not understand why it wasn’t working for many of you. Now I do.

We have submitted an update to the Windows Store and it is running through the certification process now. This can take up to 10 days before it is published and available for installation. I will post another update once Microsoft notifies me that it has started rolling out to users.

As always, thank you for your feedback.

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2 comments on “Major Bug Found – Will Be Fixed Soon
  1. Paul Waring says:

    Would there be any possibility of a future update that increases the maximum number of sections that can go inside each group? At the moment there seems to only be a maximum of 12 section tiles for each group, and if you create any more there’s no way to access those sections in order to delete them or edit them in anyway and I don’t like the idea of splitting my groups into part 1 and part 2.etc just to bypass the 12 section limits.

  2. Will Brown says:

    Hello Paul,
    Thank you for pointing that out. So sorry if that has delayed your writing or interfered in any way. I’ll get an update out ASAP.


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