Update Coming Soon – Here’s What is in the Next Release!

First of all, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased or downloaded the trial of the app. It is an encouraging sign that I’ve made something that fulfills a need.

I also appreciate everyone who has provided feedback either by the floating feedback form in the site’s left sidebar, by email, the contact form, or especially by reviewing the app. I read each one carefully and thoughtfully.

As a result of your feedback the following features are going to be implemented in the next release, currently scheduled for release by the end of the month.


The initial and current release lets you export your project or section using Windows 8’s built in Share charm. However, there are two assumptions that I made that prevented this from being a viable option for many:

1. I assumed that everyone knows about the Share charm and how to even use it.

2. I assumed you had an app installed that accepts text shares from other apps.

Windows 8 is a brand new operating system. Most people who know about the charms are technology early adopters–not the average user. Plus, Microsoft’s own design documents say that you should put key extended features of your app in the app bars (top and bottom hidden menus).

In the next version of Writing Type you’ll be able to export your writings to either a Word document or to a PDF.

When done from the Project level, the app will consolidate all sections into one document in the order you have them listed in the project. When you export from the section level (writing view), you will only export that particular text.


I realized leaving this feature out was a mistake from the moment I started using the first published version. As writers, we should backup our works as often as is convenient to our writing style and comfort level. As I was typing, a little bug in the back of my brain was speaking to me asking what I would do if my computer crashed and I couldn’t recover months and months of writing.

Thankfully, Writing Type saves everything to the local database automatically, so you don’t need to keep hitting a ‘Save’ button. But that doesn’t cover hardware failures.

So, in the next release we are adding a Backup and Restore feature. This will allow you to manually backup everything in the app to a single backup file and save it to a location of your choice. SkyDrive is my preferred choice since that is automatically saved into the “cloud” and available from anywhere. The backup will save all projects, groups, and sections and all associated texts along with the configuration order at the time of backup.

If you lose your computer, have to rebuild, or want to load it up from another computer, you can simple use the Restore feature to import the backup file. All your information will be there with no further configuration required!

Improved Snap View Support

The current version of the app only supports the large “Snap View”. Snap View is the Windows 8 app feature that allows you to have two apps on the screen at the same time. One app in Large Snap View (taking up about two-thirds of the screen) while the other app makes up the Small Snap View (the remaining one-third).

The next release will allow for a small snap view, so that you can view a web page or other document in large snap view while continuing to work on your writing. This is useful when you have a research document open that you need to refer to when you write.

Portrait View Support

Some of you are writing on tablets and as such you may want to have a more page-width type view of you document. Currently, Writing Type’s layout does not change to portrait view when you turn your tablet in this long view.

The next release will support this.

There will also be some bug fixes that have been reported as well.

Thanks again for your support and feedback. I really appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any questions and please use the feedback module to leave your ideas and report your issues.

Will Brown,
Creator, Writing Type

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2 comments on “Update Coming Soon – Here’s What is in the Next Release!
  1. Aragorn K says:

    This is quite exciting news. I finally did end-up purchasing your app, with the hopes that SkyDrive sync will be added in the future. As it stands, the app is just too handy to go without.

    I have used the share charm—as a means of trying to export so that I could also work with the document on my laptop—unfortunately the formatting and lack of import made it less than ideal. (Also, there is a bit of a typo in the title when you share. You’ve probably already fixed it in your code at this point, but the title comes out as “Wrting Type Share Content” by default, with a missing “i” in “writing”.)

    Basically, I’m excited about the export feature being included—if only, when the time finally comes, for me to export my novels into Word to get them ready for editing.

    I’m even more excited about the backup and restore feature. Once a location for the back-up has been selected, will it be possible for the app to automatically save back-ups of the document? (I can see it now—that one time I make a bunch of progress on my story only to have the power go out. I’d lose all my changes and, because I’d’ve forgotten to regularly save a backup, I’d lose it all.) Still this feature is closer to a SkyDrive sync than currently exists, and I’m excited for it.

    Small snap view support will also be great for importing the rest of my notes into WritingType. There’s a lot to move.

    Will the handling of large titles be adjusted in this patch? As it stands now, long titles cause two things:
    1. The titles stretch the space between groups like crazy. (See first screenshot)
    2. Semantic zoom doesn’t really work. Titles basically vanish. (See second screenshot)

    Screenshot 1: http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj266/ToManyLetters/Screenshot1_zpsdf8d930f.jpg
    Screenshot 2: http://i274.photobucket.com/albums/jj266/ToManyLetters/Screenshot2_zpsd1fcadbc.jpg
    (For reference, these screenshots were taken with the resolution set at 1920×1080.)

    Thanks for all your hard work on this app. It’s very much appreciated.

  2. Will Brown says:

    Hi Aragorn,
    Thanks for the great feedback! I really appreciate the depth and the screenshots.

    Unfortunately, I did not fully grasp the formatting issue with the long group titles until I saw your examples. Because of that, it is too late for the upcoming release, but I’ll definitely address it in the next one.

    I will be working with the development team on a few UI enhancements (which now includes your issues) and…SkyDrive sync! Yes!

    We believe we figured out a way to handle conflict resolution between systems, but we won’t know for sure until development is complete and we begin rigorous testing. I would HATE for us to release the feature and inter-system conflict resolution erases somebody’s life’s work.

    Thank you so much for purchasing the app. I really appreciate the vote of confidence in what we have created and hope to continually improve.

    I’ll do my best to be responsive to yours and any other user’s requests. Obviously, we won’t be able to add every feature, but we’ll definitely consider each one.

    Thanks again!

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